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French Bulldog
The French Bulldog is a sturdy, compact, stocky little dog, with a large square head that has a rounded forehead. The muzzle is broad and deep with a well defined stop. The nose is black, but may be lighter in lighter colored dogs. The upper lips hang down over the lower lips. The teeth meet in an under bite and the lower jaw is square and deep. The round, prominent eyes are set wide apart and are dark in color. The bat ears stand erect, are broad at the base narrowing in a triangular shape and rounded at the tips. The height at the withers to the ground should be approximately the same as the length from withers to the base of the tail. The tail is either straight or cork-screw. The chest is broad and deep with the front of the dog being wider than the back end, forming a pear shape. The Dewclaws may be removed. The medium-fine coat is short and smooth. The skin is loose forming wrinkles around the head and shoulders. Coat colors include brindle, fawn, white, and combinations of brindle or fawn with white.
  • Seventy-eight (78) percent of the owned dogs in the United States are spayed or neutered.
  • The world's fastest dog is probably the Greyhound. They can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour. However, Whippet fans claim that their dogs are faster over short distances, able to zig and zag better. Saluki afficionados claim that their dogs are better open-field hunters. All three breeds are extremely fast.
  • Larger breed dogs can be harder to handle because some do not even fit through an average dog door.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Poodle did not originate in France. It was originally a German breed used for hunting, water retrieving and even herding. You can see the breed's similarity to other curly-coated herding breeds such as the Puli. Poodle coats will curl and even cord if allowed to grow out.
  • The heaviest dog is usually considered to be the Mastiff or the Saint Bernard. A healthy Mastiff or Saint Bernard -- not an overweight dog -- will typically weigh 180-200 pounds.

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The Pug Dog Club of the Philippines would like to invite you to their 17th & 18th National Specialty Shows on July 8, 2016 and to their 37th, 38th, 39th & 40th All Breed Championship Shows on July 9-10, 2016 to be held at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary…
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Final show schedule for Beagle Fanciers Club Inc., and Chihuahua Federation of the Philippines Inc., breed specialty and all-breeds championship dog shows on July 2-3, 2016, PCCI activity center, Vista Valley Subdivision, Marikina City. registratio…
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A barking dog is often more useful than a sleeping lion.
- Washington Irving

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Jan Michael Caro
Footlong a.k.a. Slenda (mini-dacshund) is a wonderfull dog. I really loved her... so sweet, always make us laugh when she's running and do does doggy things like barking, licking our faces, hahahaha so cute! nice breed!
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Fileno Pantaleon
I love my third dog that i bought from MyDoggieDo. Very active, healthy and no issues at all. Mr Maning was very easy to deal with and professional. Love this website as they provide quality dogs at a very reasonable price. Thanks guys and more power.
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Chicket Tulawie
Eto na si Sheeba.. :-) We names her Polly kasi super cute, parang Polly Pocket! Super lambing nya pero grabe din ang kulit!!! She's a fast learner, very active and very healthy!!
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Alexandra P. Macaspac
At first nahirapan akong humanap ng breeder na okay, ung ma-satisfied ako kse naloko na ko ng ibang breeder. So when I saw his ads, cute mga chihuahua puppies nya I txted him agad and pinuntahan nmen sya to see the puppies. Ma-satisfied kyo tlga kse makita nyo na malinis ung place nung pinaglalagyan ng puppies nya (which is nakalagay sa terrace and puro doggy lng andun). Makikita nyo how he took care of his dogs.

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