About Us

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The passion that drives our Team to give all dog lovers a chance to provide the best homes for dogs and to find families for our dogs to love... This is what keeps us connected to you...

myDOGGIEDO was started exclusively for family members and a few circle of friends. This may be cliche, but due to insistent demands from our followers, we decided to open the site to public.

Home of Dogs and Trusted Breeders.

It was launched on March 08, 2011 in Dubai UAE of by an IT specialist who eventually turned out to be certified dog lover. His love for dogs began in his early childhood, with his grandfather`s dog named REX whom he grew very fond of. He would like children of all ages to experience the same kind of joyful feelings.

Once he bought a puppy and took really good care of her as if she were a member of the family. Unknown to him (undisclosed by the owner), the dog had been suffering from a skin problem. A month later, the dog passed away. This is a turning point that made him realize how important it is to ensure that dogs have good pedigrees. It is a subtle reminder that what really matters is not how much money and effort we have spent in raising our canine companions but the times we have shared with them and the attachment that gave families a special kind of connection no amount of money could buy.

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We wish to protect both buyers/sellers from fraudulent dog buying/selling transactions. And in keeping up with this digital age, we are using social media and this website-platform to reach out to millions of people all over the world. It's not the material shelter that builds the best homes for dogs and families... It's the bond that our Team hopes for you and your family to have with your doggie buddies!