The Philippines' Most Famous Aspins


Have you ever heard of an "Aspin"?

In the Philippines, a mixed-breed dog with an untraceable lineage is called "Aspin". The term is derived from the combined Tagalog words "Asong Pinoy" (Filipino Dog).

Although aspins are native dogs that are not intentionally bred and are thought to be lesser than their purebred counterparts, aspins could be very good companions, pets ... even heroes! As a matter of fact, some of the stories of these gentle dogs have made headlines and have gone viral over social media.

Proudly introducing (in case you are unaware that they exist)... Philippines` most notable aspins:

ASPIN - Asong Pinoy

Kabang - A "hero dog" from Zamboanga City who saved two little girls from being fatally injured in a vehicular accident. According to witnesses, the girls were crossing the street, unaware that a motorcycle is fast approaching. Sensing the danger, our hero dog jumped in front of the motorcycle to rescue them. Fortunately the girls only suffered minor injuries. Kabang, on the other hand, lost a snout in the process.

Kabang gained international recognition because of her heroic deed. A fund raising campain helped her get the medical treatment she needs to regain her strength. She underwent medical treatments in the United States and came back to the Philippines with a well-deserved hero`s welcome.


Saicy - The heartwarming story of this lovable canine from Davao City had been aired in one the Philippine TV's local magazine show called "Rated K", hosted by Ms. Korina Sanchez.

Saicy`s owner was rushed to the hospital due to cardiac arrest. She followed her master to the hospital and waited outside the emergency room. She barked incessantly and wanted to get inside the room as her master was fighting for his life. Unfortunately, the master passed away. His family, Saicy included, was allowed to enter the emergency room. Saicy howled at that moment.

During her master`s wake, Saicy is often on top of her master`s coffin, mourning for his passing. Dubbed as "Hachiko of Davao", Saicy`s love and loyalty remains perpetual even after her master`s death.


Saver - A recipient of multiple awards, this unbelievably smart Aspin could do various tricks. He is a familiar puppy face in TV as he starred in various commercials and films.

Don`t underestimate this Aspin! Aside from dancing, Saver could do some basic arithmetic. He could sign his own name and FYI: he is toilet trained - literally!

Sadly, thirteen-year-old Saver died of a heart attack in 2009. The news broke thousands of Filipinos hearts, especially his master`s. But even after his death, Saver`s best friend, his master vowed to keep on training dogs and other animals.

Republic Act 8485, also known as Animal Cruelty Law in the Philippines is said to have drawn inspiration from "Saver the Wonder Dog".


Aspins are very common in Filipino households. Like any other breeds, these dogs are not only very intelligent (and street smart), they guard homes and families... with their lives. Be proud if you're an Aspin owner! There are certainly several remarkable Aspin stories still untold and Aspin heroism yet to unfold.

What makes a dog really special? Like any other household pets, the key is "nurture". Nurture him with all the love you can give and train him well.

Aspin or not... It really doesn't matter where your dog came from, it's his forever home that gives him the best reason to live on.

SOURCE: MYD Editorial