Chihuahua Puppy Growth Chart


One of the most commonly asked question of new chihuahua owners is "How big will my Chihuahua puppy grow to be?"

These is no guaranteed way to determine the actual adult weight of any Chihuahua. Genetics are a tricky thing. Even if your puppy`s parents are tiny, a great-great-great grandparent may have been three pounds heavier. Genes can be passed down from as far back as seven generations.

We use this chart as a guide to determine the estimated adult weight of our chihuahua puppies. We also track dog`s pedigrees to help us reach a much better estimate for our puppies` adult weights but there are additional factors beyond genetics that come into play when making calculations: The activity level of the dog and if the dog receives proper nutrition.

How big will my Chihuahua puppy grow to be?


The Chihuahua Weight Chart is a tool that can be used to help with the estimating of weight that a Chi puppy will reach once full grown. Again, this chart is no guarantee but it helps hone in on a more accurate estimate - Usually within 1/2 pound.

IMAGE SOURCE : The weight chart is from a book called "The Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia" by Hilary Harmar.

This chart is in pounds and ounces. Using a food scale along with this chart you can watch the progress of your Chihuahua puppy`s growth.

Please note that most veterinarian offices use scales that do not include ounces, only pounds. When they tell you precious Chi weighed 2.3 pounds at their most recent checkup, that is NOT 2 pounds 3 ounces. You will need to convert those 10ths of a pound to ounces.

Here is a chart to help with your conversion:

  • 01 oz. = .0625 of a pound
  • 02 oz. = .125 of a pound
  • 03 oz. = .1875 of a pound
  • 04 oz. = .25 of a pound
  • 05 oz. = .3125 of a pound 6 oz. = .375 of a pound
  • 07 oz. = .4375 of a pound
  • 08 oz. = .5 of a pound
  • 09 oz. = .5625 of a pound
  • 10 oz. = .625 of a pound 11 oz. = .6875 of a pound
  • 12 oz. = .75 of a pound
  • 13 oz. = .8125 of a pound
  • 14 oz. = .875 of a pound
  • 15 oz. = .9375 of a pound