Choosing The Best Breed For Your Entire Family


While writing this article, this song is playing in my head:
How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly tail... arf arf

Nowadays, we can actually easily buy puppies almost everywhere --- but finding the right one is not that easy. Cuteness overload, fluffy fur and enticing stares could melt our hearts and sway us into impulsively buy a puppy; however, we must not be overwhelmed by emotions. Finding an excellent canine companion for your family is a serious decision.

Although all dogs are unique, they generally have similar canine traits. Mydoggiedo does not recommend a particular breed. The dog should not only be right for the family but more importantly, the family must be right for the dog.

Here are some critical factors that we all must consider:

1. Commitment
Dogs can live up to more than a decade. Older dogs are normally independent but taking care of them as puppies is seriously time-consuming. Owners must have a sense of responsibility as dogs respond to nurture and attention. Remember: the family will be sharing their lives with the dog/s; therefore, the roles of each member in taking care of the family`s dog/s must be clear and predetermined. Time is always important. Having a dog is not ideal for extremely busy households.

2. Lifestyle
Take a sensible look at the family`s lifestyle. Dogs must be able to socialize and interact with their human families as well as other pet pals. Also, the family`s energy level must match with the puppies. Dogs are really playful, goofy and affectionate. They can also be very cuddly and gentle yet highly energetic.


  • If the owners have a generally sedentary lifestyle, a not-so-playful older dog would be the best companions.
  • A family that loves sports and the outdoors could best play along with bigger dogs.

Note: one of the perks of owning a dog - it encourages exercise

Dogs are really playful, goofy and affectionate

3. Comfort & safety
The environment that the dogs and their families will share must be safe and comfortable. Also, space matters! Dogs should not be left outdoors, leashed, chained and caged. To encourage interaction, dogs must be allowed and must be taught to recognize space - inside the home and out.

4. Health
Both owners and their dogs must be healthy. For the owners to be able to properly take care of the dogs they must be healthy. The owners must maintain their dog`s "cleaning and grooming routines". Check out dog-related allergies.


  • Please make sure that the dogs that you will bring home to your families are healthy.
  • Consult a veterinarian if possible.
  • There are some cases that health issues of dogs are undisclosed by the sellers.

Finding the right dog is very rewarding. And how we take care of our dogs really affect their personalities --- ours too!

No matter what breed your dog of choice is, infinite training is a must. This requires a lot of patience. But for our fellow dog lovers out there --- no ifs, no buts... having a dog is pure joy! Warning: JOY is contagious.

SOURCE: MYD Editorial